Orientation Links and Documents

Videos and PDFs

The videos and documents below help you understand and navigate your eLearning course

This video and document help you use your Google Workspace account effectively.


This document demonstrates how to convert files like Docx and PDF into a Google Doc. It also works for converting Excel to Sheets


The videos and documents below explain how to submit assignments, discussion posts and quizzes.

  • Submitting Assignments: Video
  • Submitting Discussion Posts: Video
  • Submitting Quizzes: Video

This explains how to use Portfolio, the built-in tool in The Core that allows you to build a portfolio of your work.


This document demonstrates how to set up security questions so that you can reset your Active Directory password on your own if you forget your password.  This will reset your password to both The Core and your AMDSB Gmail.

This video demonstrates how to convert a document to PDF.


How to conference with Microsoft Teams:

How to conference with Google Meet: